Who are the cooks

The chef is a professional cooking specialist.

The profession of a cook has always been and will be in demand. Cooks are needed almost everywhere. From catering establishments (canteens, cafes, restaurants, hotels) to other public institutions (schools, secondary special and higher educational institutions and others).

The salary level of cooks depends on the place of work. For example, the salary of a school cook is significantly different from the salary of a cook in a restaurant. It all depends on the person. For a good career in this kind of activity, ambitiousness, high level of preparation, availability of a creative spirit, ability to organize team work, leadership skills and, of course, love for their work are important.

Cook’s Responsibilities:

  • preparation of various dishes according to recipes;
  • drawing up the menu;
  • development of new recipes;
  • management of junior staff in the kitchen;
  • work on special kitchen equipment;
  • drawing up a list of required products, ordering and quality control of the supplied products;
  • accounting of raw materials consumption;
  • monitoring the maintenance of the condition of the working room and equipment in accordance with the required sanitary and hygienic standards;
  • monitoring compliance with employee hygiene requirements.

There are several ways to become a cook:

the first is to complete special chef courses.

the second is to get a secondary specialized education in a vocational school or a technical school.

the third is to get a higher education in one of the profile universities, where technologists and chefs are trained.


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